Solid Waste Management

Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management System

SWACHH BHARAT MISSION Municipal Solid Wast eManagement

MSWM Solution Introduction

Deals in Municipal Solid Waste Management

Manpower Management

ICT Platform

MSWM Solution Features

Deals in Municipal Solid Waste Management

NFC/RFID tagging of Household & Monitoring

Door-to-Door Complete Cycle

Fixed Asset Management

Route Planning & Schedule Management

Real time tracking of GPS enabled Vehicles

Field Staff Attendance System -Biometric

Alert and Incident Reporting System

Mobile Based ULB Staff Workflow System

Mobile Based Citizen Complaint System

Dashboards to view real time performance data

Various dashboards through which ULB officials can effectively monitor all activities related to Solid Waste Management.

ULB officials can check cleaning status of all bins and thus plan their activity for areas that need more focus, improvement etc

Various reports related to SWM activities can be viewed in the admin portal. These reports are:

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