Welcome to JusTrack

JusTrack GPS System can help you affordably manage, track & protect your vehicle fleets, equipment, people, containers, assets and merchandise. We provide our client's with reliable and effective cutting edge GPS trackers and platforms, which thousands of businesses, consumers, government and law enforcement agencies trust...

Our comprehensive family of cost-effective tracking solutions utilizes some of the most advanced GPS tracking technologies available to keep you in touch, without interruption. Web management interfaces are easy to use, high-resolution image mapping is standard, and built-in features include live & real-time position updates, instant alert notifications, historical playback, customizable reporting and more.

For those who need tracking systems which are able to provide detailed reports, accurate position updates, effective results and more, our GPS tracking systems are the ideal solution.


Each JusTrack GPS tracking device is designed and tested to work right out of the box, from one of our powerful backend web-based GPS platforms. All of our GPS tracking devices are government and network certified, laboratory tested - no additional software is required.

Whether your needs are consumer or commercial based, personal or business related- our GPS devices are a cost-effective solution. With our GPS vehicle tracking devices you’ll receive exceptional value and unparallel service.