RFID Reader


RFID Tag Reader (JT-170RF) from JusTrack India is a complete RF Solution for low frequency applications. JT-170RF is designed to read any proximity card. It works on supply voltage of 8 VDC - 36 VDC, and provides RS232 Output along with RS485 and Wigand 26 protocol. Owner can use this system in many applications like Smart Attendance, Objects managements etc.

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External Power 8VDC to 36VDC
Operating Current < 50mA
Internal Battery 900 / 1100/3000 mAh
Charging Time / Battery Backup 120 Minutes/ 300 Minutes
Operating Temp - 0°C to +85°C (0°F to +85°C)
CPU ARM Cotex-M3 @72Mhz
CPU Internal Flash + Memory 512 KB Flash + 20 KB of SRAM
External Memory 8 MB Flash
Wired Communication 1 RS-232 Port,1 RS-485, Wigand 26
Serial Interface Output Data
Device Input Passive/Proximity Tags
Device Output Passive/Proximity Tags
Device Output RFID Tag ID sends over serial Interface with Buzzer sound
FOTA Firmware over Air, Configuration Over Air
Low Battery alert Yes


Hard, Compact, Light-weight unit with Environment friendly plastic case
Water proof IP67 casing
32-Bit ARM-Cortex controller configured to intelligently transmit data over serial (RS-232)
In-built Flash memory to store multiple records more than 5 lakhs
Configurable External & Internal Battery Cut-off


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