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Display and Announcement System

Advance Vehicle Tracking Solution (VTS) with Display Board and announcement from JusTrack is a complete fleet management solution for vehicle owners or operators to determine their real-time and historical location with stop/stand information to display on led Board with audio announcement. The solution includes a Vehicle tracking unit, which extensively collects the vehicle information and uploads to cloud servers And LED Display Board to show the desired content with announcement. This unit reads the audio & route file via USB. The solution allows our clients to schedule vehicles, to monitor their movement and to control the vehicle viz. trip start and completion time, distance travelled and speed for any given time period. Our turn-key solution provides Tracking, Reporting, Informative Monitoring (TRIM) features thereby trimming the operating costs while delivering mobile assets more effectively.

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Key Features

Dust proof IP65 casing
Internal GSM and Dual GPS/GLONASS antenna.
External GPS/GLONASS Antenna.
Smart data acquisition – Optimized based on Event, Time, Angle, Ignition & Distance
32-Bit ARM-Cortex controller configured to intelligently transmit data to cloud Server
GPS Dark zone / multi path elimination using LBS & Cell Tower Triangulation
In-built Flash memory to store 30,000 events for GSM Dark Zones
Virtual trip meter with automatic Trip start and end detection
SMS and Email Alarms from device on Tampering, Over speeding or vehicle Towing
Text message based tracking and Driver behaviour alerts
Remote Log maintenance and support using SMS
Device can be configured to hit multiple servers for a single event
LED Display Board to show desired contents
Real time + auto announcement
Read Audio & Route file via USB(Pen drive )
Easy to change edit & delete the display content via SMS
Supports multiple pages to display in a sequence
Auto detect the route direction (UP/DOWN)


External Power 8VDC to 48VDC
Operating Current < 60mA; Peak 2.5A
Sleep Mode Current (Deep Sleep) < 10mA (<1mA)
Internal Battery 900 / 1100 MAH
Charging Time / Battery Backup 120 Minutes/ 300 Minutes
Operating Temp - 30°C to +85°C (0°F to +85°C)
CPU ARM Cotex-M3 @72Mhz
CPU Internal Flash + Memory 512 KB Flash + 20 KB of SRAM
External Memory 8 MB Flash
Wired Communication 1 RS-232 Port, 1 USB Device (Optional)
GSM /GPRS MODEM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Quad Band,
Multi Slot (12/10/8), Class B GPRS Module
Navigation GPS - L1 1575.42MHz C/A Code
GLONASS – L1 1598.0625~1605.275MHz
Serial Interface CCTV Camera/RFID/Biometrics Sensors/LCD/LED Display
Device Input (Digital + Resistance): 4 3 + 1
Device Output 2
FOTA Firmware over Air, Configuration Over Air
Power/SIM/Battery removal alert Yes
Low Battery alert Yes
Geo-address Yes (Optional)
GPS antenna/ GPRS antenna Inbuilt
GPS dark zone LBS & GSM Triangulation
Smart Polling Time, Distance ,Angle & IO Events
Audio Two way(optional)
Dual Server Yes (Optional)


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