GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleets Management Solution

Logistic Companies

If you have a big logistics company managing a large fleet of vehicles for transporting goods then you should certainly try your hands on reliable and advanced transportation management systems. One of the advanced features of such vehicle routing software is the GPS vehicle tracking system. The GPS fleet tracking helps you to keep track of your vehicles and ensures secure,safe and faster delivery of your transportation goods. With these electronic gadgets, it is easy to track and monitor deliveries, as well as find the shortest and best directions for faster shipments.

A basic vehicle tracking systems provides information such as route, location and vehicle speed. This will help the fleet owners to keep track of the travel records and time taken to complete each route. JusTrack advanced GPS vehicle tracking solution is also used by big logistic companies to manage complex information and for this they need to have an advanced vehicle tracking system.

Tour & Travels

JusTrack solutions can be used in taxis & Bus, which are a part of vehicle dispatch systems, through this the fleet companies are most benefited as they can send their taxi free for serving its clients. We can provide them support from accidents, kidnappings etc. female security is a great issue when they are using cabs provided by call centers, our GPS systems can keep you informed about the timely picks and drops of the employees.

Bike Tracking

JusTrack Tracking is the one system to offer motorcycle riders safety and security. Phantom Tracking is the first in the world to combine an anti-theft security/tracking system with a crash detection feature using GPS enabled technology. This technology allows JusTrack Tracking to notify you if your motorcycle is being moved.

Designed specifically for today's motorcycle, JusTrack Tracking is simply the best anti-theft and crash detection system in the world made exclusively for motorcycles. The unit is designed to fit your motorcycle. JusTrack Tracking gives you complete peace of mind with one click of the remote.

BPO/Call Centers

There is a growing concern for employee security, especially for women force in the BPO industry, considering odd shift timings. Waypoints ensures on time pick-up of employees. Geofencing / Remote Mapping provide immediate notification of any deviation from the predetermined route.

Public Transport Systems

Rash & negligent driving of public transport bus causes alarming deaths of pedestrians and commuters. By using the various performance parameters, a driver/bus ranking system has been designed to weed out potentially dangerous drivers/buses before they can cause greater damage. Display of the exact arrival time of bus through display system within the bus and on the bus stop allows commuters to remain calm while embarking and dis-embarking the bus.

Mal-practices in the Public Distribution Systems are a bane to the well being of any civil society, especially for the poorer section. GPS Technology can help minimize the PDS theft problem by using a combination of technologies like Way Points, Route Mapping and Weight Sensors to detect unauthorized loss of food grains in transit.

School Transport

GPS system is being installed in the school’s fleet of school buses. The GPS fleet tracking system will enable students to track where their bus is in real-time, so they can spend their time waiting indoors instead of outside at the bus stop GPS Technology in School Bus is a solution to protect the safety of students riding school buses, the fiscal wellbeing of the school system, and to reduce the likelihood of liability issues for school districts. The main reason behind the bus fleet tracking system is implemented, is to make services better. It’s all about improving quality of service. All students need to access the bus information is a cell phone or computer with an internet connection.


Delays in responding to medical emergencies can be a matter of life and death. GPS technology can help in locating the nearest ambulance from the distress location, saving a few critical minutes of response times.

Asset and Plant Tracking Solution (Construction companies)

Logistic Companies

Various construction companies are using this GPS vehicle tracking system for timely delivery of the construction material and overall for better dispatching and advanced communication material.

The vehicle tracking software also helps in tracking the mileage, speed, and engine hours and offers timely alert when any asset is due for maintenance.

JusTrack’s clients tell us that they require ultimate protection of their equipment by providing them with accurate GPS real time location, efficient use and accurate servicing of their assets & plant machinery as this vital to the day to day success of their construction or plant hire businesses.

JusTrackis a dedicated supplier of asset & plant security tracking and telematics products which have been designed specifically to meet the needs of the construction & plant hire industry, this will facilitate many varied requirements, such as hours reporting for Plant Machinery and full Generators management solutions.

JusTrack hardware is designed around your environment it is both rugged, versatile however where possible compact in size allowing it to be successfully installed on all sizes of assets, tractors, excavators, dumpers, compressors, chippers, harvesters, forwarders, diggers, earthmovers, JCBs, 3CXs, backhoe loader, static rollers and even crushers. The system is designed with ease of use in mind, facilitating instant location of an asset or machine the minute you require to check, e.g., when there is a suspicion or attempted theft.

Yes for the manufacturer has listened closely to your product requirements and designed the hardware around your needs, ensuring our product is the product of choice throughout the India, for the plant and construction industry. JusTrack is the market leading Asset & Plant Tracking Security System, it provides you with the control and visibility as it can be viewed anywhere in the world on fully licensed Google, Terrain, Satellite, Hybrid, Street View & Standard Mapping sets of our web based plant management software.

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