Intel Outlet Solution

The main concern of tanker owners is Exact Location of the tankers, over speeding and unsafe driving, liquid goods theft and unscheduled halts/route taken, traveled KM, Traveled history. Safe delivery of liquid like milk, water, fuel, chemicals……….etc from depot to the consignee can be guaranteed. JusTrack provides solution for all these: This inlet/outlet lid sensor which can be connected with JusTrack VTS device. And show all Information regarding the inlet & outlet lid open/close status like open/close time, open duration, location with 10 meter accuracy, open/close History, Mail alert, SMS Alert and Notification by the JusTrack tracking platform.

Technical Detail


Contact Rating 25
Switching Voltage 250(VDC)
Breakdown Voltage 300(VDC)
Switching Current 500(mAmp.)
Contact Resistance 100(mOhm)
Operating Time 2.5(mSec.)
Operating & Storage Temp. -25To + 75
Must Operating Dis. 6(mm Max.)
Must Release Dis. 10(mm Min.)

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