Ultrasonic Digital Tank Level Sensor


Ultrasonic digital diesel fuel water tank level sensor for fuel monitoring gps tracker fleet manegement. The imported non-contact ultrasonic sensor technology is used. Ultrasonic sensor is widely used in measurement of distance, depth, displacement, liquid level, material level and transparent objects. By connecting with GPS tracking device, it can be used to monitor fuel consumption details.

Additional Info

Technical Parameter

Working Voltage 5-36V 50mA
Working Temperature -40 degree-80 degree
Measurement Range 2cm-99cm(customize MAX 2.5M)
Pressure Range -0.1MPa~32MPa
Applications: FuelTank
Water Tank
Liquid Tank
Single Output 0~5V/1~5V, 4 ~ 20mA,RS485
Power supply 12Vdc/24Vdc
Protection level: IP66, IP68
Level Height Accuracy 1mm
Level Measurement Accuracy Technical 0.1L/Practical 0.8L
Working Environment Moisture-proof(detector),acid-proof(detector),anti-interference,anti-explosion(detector), flame retardant(detector), anti-seismic(detector)
Anti-explosion Rate Intrinsic Safety Exia II CT6; flameproof Exd II CT5
Protection Rate IP66(detector) IP61 (detector)
Device interface This device provides a voltage analogue output port, RS232 data port.
Voltage sampling port Output voltage range: 0.10-6.0V. Computational formula for actual liquid level and voltage output: 1311.3*Vx+176(unit 0.1mm).
RS232 port the default baud rate 19,200, each 10S interval sensors measured fluid level in real time (unit 0.1mm), temperature (unit 0.1 DEGREE). Baud rate according to user needs to modify, and transmit data time interval.

Mode of Connection

Ultrasonic signal,Baud Rate,measuring range,Algorithm mode can manually adjust.
Power supply analog output:0.1-3V;digital voltage:RS232.
Fuel level sensor detect fuel leve and output the fuel level to gps tracker.
Gps tracker uploads fuel level and position data to server.
Server software handle with fuel level data and position data to create fuel volume data and curve.
Easily install Fuel Level Sensor for Gps Tracking for all kinds of liquid and container, It is easily installation. No need to drill on tank.
Just fix it on the tank to get fuel level of the tank. No need to drill on fuel tank. Applicable for all kinds of fluid level measurement.


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