Rotation speed sensor


JT-140 series of positive and negative rotation speed sensor is tested by Hall principle. Two pcs of magnets with opposite poles need to be fixed on the axis and wheel (the two pcs of magnets are symmetrically distributed, and N pole of one magnet should be fixed facing the sensor and S pole of another magnet should be fixed facing the sensor), and fix the of the arrow on the sensor’s probe test surface facing the rotating arc of the magnet. When the wheel or the axis rotating, it takes the magnet sweep over the sensor’s probe, and the blue wire outputs positive and negative rotating signal, and white wire outputs rotating speed signal.

Additional Info

Technical Parameter

Power supply voltage direct current DC 5V~ 24V;
Output method open-collector output
Probe detection distance recommended distance 5~10mm
Working environment temperature -20℃~+80℃; moisture≦Ã90%;
Protection level IP65 leve.
Anti-vibration ability 5G under normal situation

Wire Connecting Method

Positive and Negative Rotating Signal Output 1 set
Ndfeb Strong Magnet 2 pcs
Bracket 1 pcs

Signal status:

The blue wire output indicates direction, when at original status or positive rotating, it outputs low electrical level, green light is on, and the positive rotating direction is the same with the arrow direction. When negative rotating, it outputs high electrical level, red light is on, and the negative rotating direction is the opposite to the arrow direction.


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