Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker

JusTrack Mobile Tracker is basically an application for personal security. JusTrack Mobile Tracker is the most powerful cell phone tracking software which can help you track the location of any Android phone at any time.


Small Medium Enterprises: Sales/Marketing Field Team for increasing workforce efficiency

Businesses: Top Management for Security

Political and Government:Politicians & Confidential Govt.

Employees: for security & safe Family Consumers: children /younger/older ones for security and safety

Can JusTrack Cell Phone Tracker Help You Find Out the Truth?

JusTrack Mobile Tracker helps you to know the exact location of a particular person. Installing the application is as easy as pie and takes just a few minutes. Once it is installed, JusTrack will start to upload the exact current GPS location of the monitored phone in addition to all other phone activities. This information can be viewed within minutes by logging in to the JusTrack user area from any computer or mobile, no matter where you are. To top it all off, the application works totally invisibly so the monitored user will have no idea that they are being monitored and their location is being tracked.

Track Their GPS Location

Do you suspect that people are lying to you about where they really are? Would you like to be able to catch them in their lie? JusTrack lets you look at the exact GPS location of the target phone at any time. You simply log in to JusTrack's online control panel anytime you want and you can see a map that highlights the exact location of the target phone along with latitude and longitude details. This easy-to-read map and JusTrack's accurate GPS location technology makes sure that no one can ever lie to you about where they are again.

Look at Location & Waiting Time History

Do you want to know where your target was at a certain time earlier in the day? Would you like to keep a complete record of where they've been? JusTrack tracks the location of the target phone at various times of the day and saves it so you can look at their location history whenever you want. All you have to do is log in to JusTrack's online control panel and you can view the complete details of the target phone's visited locations with latitude and longitude details. This is how you make sure you are monitoring their every step.

Trace Their Travel Route

Would you like to know the exact route your drivers use when they are out on a delivery? Do you want to know about each step your target takes? In addition to showing you where the target phone is, JusTrack can also show you how they got there. By looking at the map available through JusTrack's online control panel, you can trace the exact route the target phone has taken from one location to another. This way, you will know where they've been to before they got to their final destination.

Mark Restricted and Safe Areas

Do you want to ensure that the target phone never enters or leaves a specific area? Would you like to be notified if they ever did so? All you need to do is log in to JusTrack's online control panel and you can mark 'restricted' and 'safe' areas on a map. In case the target phone enters one of the restricted areas, you will be sent an alert notification through SMS, email or both. You will also receive a notification if the target phone leaves an area marked as 'safe'. Now you will know when your target is going somewhere they shouldn't be going.

Do you Know

Tracking someone’s cell phone location is a great way to find out what they are really up to when they are not in front of you. With JusTrack, tracking and locating any phone becomes an easy task that can be performed remotely at any time you want. In addition to the location, you also get details of all activities happening on the monitored phone.


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