Capacitance FUEL SENSOR


With capacitance as the sensitive element, JT sensor series continuous detects the height of the fuel level with than 1mm resolution. Sensor length can also be shorten to fit tanks with different heights. With a wide range of voltage input, and easily adjustable length, the JT sensor is easy to setup and works with a wide range of applications.

Additional Info

Technical Parameter

Sensor length 200 ˜1500mm, any length available within this range
Resolution ≤1mm
Wide range of power supply DC10V ~ 32V
Maximum operating current ˜ 15mA
Working temperature -40 ~ +85℃ / - 40 ~ + 185F
Material of the tubes Aluminum alloy
Application environment diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, kerosene (Not applicable to conducting medium)
Protection rank IP65

Mode of Connection

Pin1 (Red) VCC(10~32
Pin2 (Blue) Vout(0~5V, connect to JT120F’s analog input)
Pin3 (Black) GND

How to calibrate it for JT120F

Calibration of TFT sensor is required. Connect the 12V or 24V power to fuel sensor (the same battery as JT120F, otherwise can’t calculate it);

Then send SMS: satus,0000# to JT120F, you can read AD1 and AD2 voltage, the voltage VS fuel volume VS percent of tank, you can get a row of data for it, and the data you can use for fuel detect in tracking system


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