Fuel Consumption Meter


Fuel Consumption is using the positive displacement principle to dynamic monitoring vehicle fuel consumption, its measurement accuracy is not affected by bumpy road, display or totalizer Optional, completed set of flow meter could record the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, total time etc., if connected with GPs, widely used in transport vehicle fuel consumption monitoring field.

Additional Info

Electrical Parameter

Supply Power 3.8 Vdc/24.0 Vdc
Output Signal Open collector square wave pulse ~RS232 ~ RS485
Signal load 20.0mA
Material Aluminium alloy
Area classification Exia IICT6 Ga
Measure range (15-450) L/H
Flow resolution 1.42mL
Measurement precision ± 1.0%
Level Height Accuracy < ± 0.25%
Max pressure 3Mpa
Working Temperature ­20~+ 80℃
Installation Vertical Installation
Viscosity Range 3-3000 CST


Double screen LED digital display, could display the instantaneous flow values and cumulative measured values
0.2% level measurement accuracy
Could be quantitatively measured medium/batch control(with start, stop, reset function)
Instrument could be with RS232C printing function(optional)
Using photoelectric isolation technology between input, Output, power supply , communication each other
Parameters set with password lock have restore factory setting function.




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