Personal Tracking
JusTrack assures you the security of your children, teenagers, old people, pets etc all the time and provide manpower managing and tracking solution.
Kids Tracking Solution
Using Personal Tracking System parents can know if their children are safe and they are where they are supposed to be; families with aging parents can now have a peace of mind, knowing that their loved-ones can reach them easily if they require assistance.
Old People Tracking:
Old people can met with an accident due to their absence of mind, weak eye sight etc, to avoid this, our system can prove to be great help for their family members.
Manpower managing and tracking solution
Companies can track their employees at all times. Managing staff who work in multiple locations, and maximizing the efficiency of a mobile workforce, presents many challenges. Legislation requirements, communication issues and productivity targets mean that it is critical for companies to understand what their employees are doing during paid hours (and out of hours if they have access to company assets).
JusTrack Tracking system utilises personal tracking devices to help companies to improve workforce performances, reduce operating costs and comply with required policies. This helps to drive high-quality customer service in the field.

Providing staff with additional protection and security.