Key Features

Anti-Theft Protection:- Track and recover your vehicle as soon as you discover it is missing. Stop your vehicle remotely through your mobile phone.

Accurate Data:- Track every movement of your driver, getting information on exact routes, halts, speeds and kilometers traveled.


Fuel and Temperature sensor:- Get to know the fuel consumption & temperature of your vehicle.


Service:- Experienced engineers and 24x7-365 Days active customer support center support to keep your vehicle running at all times.


Loading, Unloading and booking system:- Give your customers best service through this state of the art system.


Live Tracking of vehicle 24x7 -365 Days (On web / Mobile):

Vehicle is monitored in real time during its journey on Google maps either on desktop or on any GPRS enabled mobile phone.


Ignition Immobilizer (For Cars and Luxury trucks / buses)

This feature allows the user to stop the vehicle from distance or remote location in case vehicle has been



Alert Manager maintenance :- 

Set your own SMS/ Email alerts for POI’s or for renewal of Permits/ Insurance/ Fitness/ Pollution/ Road Tax etc.


Geo Zone:-One can receive an e-mail or sms alert when the vehicle or guys have violated from the defined route and when leaves or comes into the area(s) you specify.


SOS Alarm:- In emergent case, press SOS button then the device will send SOS SMS to present specific mobile number.


Voice monitoring:- when the special number cellphone dial device, ringing for 10 seconds, it will enter voice monitoring status. At this time ,caller can monitoring the sound in vehicle.

Incoming call from non special number, will not activate voice monitoring function.

Location, Speed & Traveled KM via SMS:

Our web solution gives an option to retrieve location, Speed and Today Traveled KM of vehicle by sending a simple SMS (short messaging service) from any mobile  phone wherever you may be. This eliminates the dependence on a computer.


Printable reports for MIS purpose:

Every report can be printed in Excel or PDF format, which can be used for review of data.

Total Distance covered:

Report on distance travelled by each vehicle on road (Available as a Daily / Weekly and Monthly Report)


Performance Report (Paid)

With this report, we intend to give you a dashboard of all your vehicles according to criteria’s like distance,

stoppage time, running time and mileage.


A/C Status:- know AC ON/OFF-  exact Time, duration, location and control the misuse of the use of air conditioner in the vehicle.


View vehicle Air Conditioner status (ON/ OFF During a journey)

Ability to create Multiple Users

You have the ability to create sub users within your fleet for privileged access to your clients.


Temperature Monitoring (Only available in certain hardware models)

View Temperature status of your cold storage carrier through the vehicle journey.

Tamper Resistant device

Main Power lost Alert

Water proof Device

Temper Alert

Internal Back-up battery

Low internal battery power alert

Internal Antenna