Asset and Plant Tracking Solution (Construction companies)
Various construction companies are using this GPS vehicle tracking system for timely delivery of the construction material and overall for better dispatching and advanced communication material.

The vehicle tracking software also helps in tracking the mileage, speed, and engine hours and offers timely alert when any asset is due for maintenance.
JusTrack’s clients tell us that they require ultimate protection of their equipment by providing them with accurate GPS real time location, efficient use and accurate servicing of their assets & plant machinery as this vital to the day to day success of their construction or plant hire businesses.
JusTrackis a dedicated supplier of asset & plant security tracking and telematics products which have been designed specifically to meet the needs of the construction & plant hire industry, this will facilitate many varied requirements, such as hours reporting for Plant Machinery and full Generators management solutions.
JusTrack hardware is designed around your environment it is both rugged, versatile however where possible compact in size allowing it to be successfully installed on all sizes of assets, tractors, excavators, dumpers, compressors, chippers, harvesters, forwarders, diggers, earthmovers, JCBs, 3CXs, backhoe loader, static rollers and even crushers. The system is designed with ease of use in mind, facilitating instant location of an asset or machine the minute you require to check, e.g., when there is a suspicion or attempted theft.
Yes for the manufacturer has listened closely to your product requirements and designed the hardware around your needs, ensuring our product is the product of choice throughout the India, for the plant and construction industry. JusTrack is the market leading Asset & Plant Tracking Security System, it provides you with the control and visibility as it can be viewed anywhere in the world on fully licensed Google, Terrain, Satellite, Hybrid, Street View & Standard Mapping sets of our web based plant management software.